Saturday, March 17, 2012

Throwing in the towel

I have been thinking lately about standards. I set pretty high ones for myself and family. I think you should strive to be the best in life. Of course we can't be perfect and we don't always meet our own expectations. There is another end to the spectrum though. There are people who adopt the attitude that if they can't be perfect then they won't even try. This I cannot stand.

I am so disappointed when I read blogs or comments from people who make a joke out of not caring. I read a blog the other day whose tag line actually said something like "you should read my blog because you will feel better about your own parenting". That is a paraphrase, but really? When did that become ok? When did we all decide we were going to be mediocre and laugh about it?

It seems that there really are no people with a sense of duty anymore. I guess we don't have to wonder why we have so many terrible issues with kids these days if they are being raised by parents who have thrown in the towel. Parents who roll their eyes and dismiss their bad behaviour, lack of compassion and moral compass. Have we really just ascribed to the thinking that they will somehow raise themselves and as long as they aren't criminals we have done our jobs?

We are entrusted these small people to instill character, morals, compassion and a fear and respect for God. I know a lot of people don't like when you bring up God when it comes to parenting because we all have different religious views. That being said, I have never encountered a religion that encouraged people to raise disrespectful, mean spirited children. Not one.

So I want to challenge any parent reading this not to phone it in today. Take a good hard look at what you are allowing to influence your child. What music are they listening to or tv or other media are they being exposed to that may go contrary to the example you want for them? It does matter. It matters tremendously. You cannot grow up to be a responsible, compassionate, respectful adult if you are surrounded by examples to the contrary and the sad thing is we all know this. I just hope our kids don't give us the same attentive care as seniors that we are giving them as children or we will all be in trouble.


Lisa said...

who inspired this post? I want names.

Christina said...

Ha! The names have been withheld to protect the mediocre!