Sunday, November 28, 2010

Christmas ADD

Okay, I know I was supposed to blog about the water park. I know this, but ITS CHRISTMAS TIME!!! Yes, I had to yell that. You needed to know. I am so distracted that a water park post is not soon forthcoming. Sorry to disappoint you. I cannot control myself.

I love Christmas. I know you know that. I am pretty sure everyone living within at least a 50 mile radius of me knows this. Its a proven fact. It is my favorite time of year. Now yeah I love the fall, but the fall is like a fling compared to the commitment Christmas and I have. I don't like to choose a favorite, but my feelings don't lie. I mean come on, we almost have the same name. Its destiny!

My house is entirely decorated except for the tree, the final and most important element. The facade of our home this year has two levels. My husband warily asked me what I had in mind and I replied with a question of my own. Remember the lights in the National Lampoons Christmas movie? Yes, that many. He informed me that he had to buy a ladder. I made sure to let him know they had plenty at home depot and in case the price was an issue just consider it an investment since he WILL be using it every year.

As for the tree, well that is coming next week. We will proceed out into the wilderness of Washington in search of a U-cut sign and a deal. Dan the man has to cut down his own tree. I guess its the only time of year he can act out his lumberjack fantasy. I'm just guessing.
I like the real trees. They smell so nice and it is just enough nature for me. One little happy tree living in my house on a temporary basis sounds just right.

The stockings are hung and almost all of the gifts are bought and wrapped. The kids know where they are too. They also know I am mean enough not to let them have even one if I see any signs that they were disturbed. There isn't much chance of that happening since as Vanessa puts it I "never let them out of my sight 24 hours a day". This came in response to her dad trying to convince her to make me a birthday card during the day. Not gonna happen. I see everything.

Now I just have to really focus on not gaining a buncha weight as my kitchen goes into high gear. I love baking. I must bake. I am compelled. Maybe its some genetic abnormality that feeds my compulsion to bake and consume mass quantities of sugar and starch at Christmas. Maybe that is why I like it so much. Its chrismunch.

I hope all the crazy and over the top traditions I have will impart a bit of my zeal for Christmas to my kids. They are already excited at the transformation of the house. They know the signs. I bring out my Charlie Brown Christmas DVD and it is on until January. Now I just need to clutter my lawn with lights and cartoon characters. Who am I kidding? It will all be Peanuts characters. And Dan will have the joy of taking it all down after New Year's.

33 days and counting!

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