Sunday, March 31, 2013

It's magic

I recently procured a delightfully old piano. I fell in love with it immediately. It takes up nearly one fourth of my humble living room, but what it has brought into my life has been well worth the sacrifice of space. Any time I feel the least bit inspired its there. Its just waiting for me to open the panel and play the keys. And there is no sound like a real piano. Real wood and weighted keys are magic.

My kids are equally enthralled with this new gift. They sit and poke the keys while making up songs to go with their improvised melodies. I love how the words to the itsy bitsy spider seem to fit any tune. My oldest has taken to it as well. She decided to learn moonlight sonata along with me. I love hearing her progress and it keeps me on my toes trying to stay one step ahead of her.

I have learned countless Elton John and Billy Joel songs. One day I may master the concentration and skill to sing along with them. For now all my concentration goes into my fingers as I play the complicated chords and rhythms. I never seem to pick easy songs. That being said, my current project is equally impossible as all the other songs I have attempted to conquer. Alice Childress...... Ben Folds is by far one of my favorite piano guys and he is muy talented. So here is the song in case you aren't already a fan. It sounds so simple.....but I am here to tell you that this novice pianist is struggling. I will get it though and I will finish moonlight sonata. Until then I will play the parts I know with abandon and love my giant old piano.

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